Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10s at Summit Post...

Summit Girl and Deltaoperator (Steve Weston) had the 2nd Best Photo Album of the Year on SummitPost for the "Splattski."

I have been a lurker and participant on the Idaho Summits Message Board for a number of years. The group has an amazing wealth of Idaho mountaineering information, which I have tapped on many, many occasions. This year I finally had an opportunity to climb with them on a group outing and they are just as awesome and inspiring in person. We post our trip reports and photos, celebrating each other's accomplishments, and adding their successes to our respective "project wish lists." Probably because John Platt had posted the most photos on the board of himself with his climbing partners (usually other climbers on the board), we started referring to our own self- and self-and-team portraits as "Splattskis" (his user name). I suggested that we come up with a way for everyone to share their Splattskis, and Steve set up an album at SummitPost...and the uploading began. I then helped "introduce" the Splattski concept to the rest of the SummitPost world through an accompanying article to the album, and the uploading increased.

Perhaps it's the catchy name that has made it so popular. After all, self-portraiture is not a new concept. Climbers have been self-documenting their summits long before we thought to assign a name to it. I have seen a number of John's and he certainly has refined his personal self-photo technique to achieve a very consistent-looking photo through the years. Maybe it was that quality that really made "Splattski" the only name that made sense. Maybe it's just fun to say.

Regardless, amongst the ribbing John endures from us over the Splattski, and our public exploitation of him in this manner, is the graciousness he continues to exhibit. A nicer guy and mountaineering team member you really couldn't find. So our fondness of him, probably above all else, makes the "Splattski" flattery at its finest and aptly named. At the very least, it has been a fun uniqueness to offer the climbing world from Idaho.

Here is the Top 10 Lists and the photo album, and here is the article.

Do you have any qualifying Splattskis to upload? If so, then join us!

Kudos to other Idahoans on the Top 10 lists...Here's to Super Dave (Pahlas) for making two spots in the Top 10 for Mountains and Rocks: White Cloud Peak #10 and Arvals Peak (check his site out off Summit Girl's favorite outdoor links).

Fred Spicker made Number 8 out of the top 10 Routes with the Northwest Ridge of He Devil, and DeltaOperator (Steve) made another Top 10 spot with his Number 4 of the Best 10 Articles 2009: A Petition to Outlaw SummitPorn.

We have a very amazing and beautiful world. While you are at SummitPost, check out the Top 10 Photos for the year.

Idaho Climbers Rock!

Margo's Splattski on the Summit of Al West with the North Face of Borah in the Background. October 10, 2009.

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