Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ski Day Team Builder

I work with pretty awesome people so a team builder isn't really a necessity, but a nicety. I talked a group of alpiners from the Idaho Falls and the Pocatello BLM offices into taking a day off of work and shredding some snow on a two-fer-one day at Grand Targhee Resort. I had 12 participants to start, but they whittled to 6, with the Pocatello office rather under-represented (numberwise, not skillwise, Pacioretty represented). Regardless, it turned out to be an awesome day, though not bluebird, with 5-8 in. new fluffy snow over conditions...warm temperatures, no wind, no crowds, and oh yea...half price. I was lax on the movie taking...contacts precluded my ability to see the Sapphire controls (a problem I am remedying today)...and frankly, stopping just wasn't something I wanted to do much more than necessary.

Deena working down Chief Joseph Bowl

Break at the Lodge

What I learned about my coworkers...Patch is much better on the hill than behind a semi; Teel is tough as nails; Hill x 2 were all over it; Hill, R.D., just keeps going and going; and Kotansky is magnitudes better than his boots suggest!

This was a great beta-test for another team builder, hopefully this year.
Lessons Learned:
Radios with a group on a big mountain are a must,
Other mountains might accommodate a broader range of abilities,
Get the word out earlier.

Ski On!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Blue Bird Day Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's Day 2010...with the ones I love, rippin' it up on the slopes. My best friend, Margie; my son, Jeremy; and my soon to be daughter-in-law, Joni, hooked up at Beaver Mountain for a blue bird day of skiing on groomers and powder.

The Big Kahuna Snowman in the the way, this is 10 feet tall, just so you know.

On the Lift
All videos by Sapphire

Playing in Powder, something I've not done enough of

Break at the Lodge

Videos by Sapphire

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Skiing with the Fam

YET ANOTHER spring ski day. TOO early in the season for that kind-o-stuff. All I have today is a couple videos from the day; mostly for the fam. Sapphire is pretty amazing. The sound pick up and play back is astounding, but when you think about it, that probably should be a given. However, the next generation definitely needs improvements in the video department. Let's start with better lens placement, zoom capability, and a still photo option. A little place to hook a baby leash would be great too. I would use Sapphire more if I weren't in constant fear of watching her careen down a slope, disappear into the snow and/or drop through the deck. Today I figured out in the editing software how to rotate the movie if Sapphire forgets to self-rotate, which she occasionally does. Something else to fix for Gen 6.

Chair Ride

J&J Run

The Deck, Beer, Sun, Snow...Mountain life...gotta love it!

The Mom-in-Law...I prefer MIL, (notice: there is no F in that) ;-)

Videos by Sapphire

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Name That Run !!

Extra that skier...hint: too conservative, too many turns and not all that fast....

It's been too long since I've been to Pebble Creek, a gem of a ski area that we locals don't say much about, because quite frankly we don't want you to show up. 2,200 vertical on ~ 1,000 acres makes for some very sweet runs. All the advertisements say there are trails for everyone. I'm sorry, they are wrong. There's the bunny hill and then there is everything else, at least that is my opinion. You need some descent plank skills to ski here AND enjoy it. But I think everyone should try it once.

Today was a hooky day from work and in nearly spring conditions I had great runs with a work friend. It was supposed to be friends, but the other two bailed...and while I respect their decision to be responsible professionals, I am sorry for them both, for it was truly a great afternoon. Little to no wind, few to any people, good snow conditions, great views of the snow covered valley, comfy temps and enough sun shining through to get an "I've been out skiing" glow.

Things that have changed since i was there last: most all the blue runs have been re-rated to black diamonds (yipee!), the lodge is remodeled (that'll date me), there is a fancy ramp system to keep you from careening into a lodge window (gosh it was so much better with the occasional run-away snowboard shattering the glass), and because there were no wine cups upstairs I was graciously over, over, poured on my apres-ski merlot. I was set up with really sweet demos from John at Scott's for the day, which have totally ruined me and makes my current skis nothing less than anchors to me and hazards to others.

Days like today remind me why I live here, why I commute 100 mi a day to stay here, and why it's hard for me to picture ever leaving. I am blessed by getting to live here and by being surrounded with wonderful people who don't mind hanging out with me. It has been too long since I've been to Pebble Creek. It won't be that long again. Ski On!

Answer to Name That Run?

Videos by Sapphire