Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Importance of Project Lists

My girlfriend makes copious lists. Everytime i go over to her house there is at least one on the counter. She likes seeing how many things she can cross off. Not surprisingly, her house is immaculate, her lawn never gets out of hand, her life is ordered and nothing seems to get away from her. I used to do that. My house used to be immaculate, lawn manicured and lovely flowers, and my life neatly ordered. I was even told I was perfect.

So, on top of those lists, I started making other lists...what peaks i wanted to climb in the summer, how many bike rides i would do in a week, how many knitted projects i'd do in a year, how many new recipes i would try in a quarter, etc. So now i have 64 mountain summits under my feet, more knitted scarves both owned and given away than anyone should have, outlived at least 3 bike computers, a lawn full of quack grass and now baby weeds, clutter that I know I just took care of yesterday, and a missed doctor's appointment.

I appreciate the concept of balance, but I think it's a total myth. The best you can do is juggle, because something will always be in the air.


Jerad said...

It's all juggling, always. :-)

Tikaram said...

OH!! try once to nepal. Its really cool...
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