Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Peaks (Nos. 63 and 64) and Nano Panorama

Today Margie, Maka and I climbed Black Pine Peak and Black Peak out of the Black Pine Mountains in southeast Idaho. More precisely...out of the Malta, Idaho, area. It was really, really windy and sunny. Probably 45-55 with chill. I was very close to digging out my winter hat and gloves. Had three light layers on top for the last 1/4 of the mountain, which i wasn't expecting. Nice workout though. The views weren't crystal clear with the wind and haze and particles about, but i got to try the video function on my new nano. It was soooooooo windy i thought it would fly outta my hand so I didn't fuss with it too much. This is the best video of the bunch. I'm sure the next generations will have even better functioning...that will be a quandry...i just got this one. If they can nail video AND have photo capability and still stay this small, it could replace a lot of cameras. Talk about ultralight.

I'm behind posting my summer summits. But i don't have the discipline to write the ones i am behind on first...I want to see how well the ipod video works because i'm just fascinated with the upgrades since my first generation ipod. By the way, between the gps, the camera, and the ipod, post-trip analysis/activities are begining to take longer than my pre-trip activities.

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